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Top 5 benefits of cloud computing with Amazon Web Services

With the rise of cloud computing and its benefits, choosing the right platform can make all the difference if you plan to truly structure and automate your development workflow. If you’re unfamiliar with what cloud computing is, you can think of it as an on-demand computing service that scales with business needs. Essentially all shared resources, data, and other types of information are provided to computers and other devices by on-demand requests.
Here are a few reasons why using Amazon Web Services (AWS) as your cloud computing service can ensure your IT infrastructure remains robust and secure.

1. Amazon Web Services – the global leader in cloud computing

AWS has a global presence with 12 regions, 25+ availability zones, and more than 50 edge locations worldwide. Recent economic studies show that in 2015, they pulled in more than $7 billion dollars, a year-over-year expansion rate of around 80%. They have made such huge advancements toward their platform and technology since its birth in 2006, that now they’re able to exceed their most demanding clientele such as Adobe, Airbnb, Netflix, NASA, Yelp, Lamborghini, BMW, and much more.

2. 55+ Services that seamlessly integrate under one platform

AWS offers almost every system as a service (SaaS) you can think of, including customized servers, load balancers, storage and content delivery systems, domain management, databases, and much more. However, the best part of it all is the fact that they’re all integrated and work seamlessly with each other. For instance, connecting a server to a content delivery network in which all files are pulled from a dedicated storage service e.g. EC2 > CDN > S3. Not only does this streamline the entire development process for teams, but it also removes the need for additional services or products.

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3. World Class Security Infrastructure

AWS has built a world class, highly secured infrastructure for both physical and digital systems over the past 10 years. Their main security service “Identity & Access Management” or IAM, can allow administrators to completely shut off access to any users or custom tailor user permissions to their entire platform leaving no room for unauthorized access. Many other security features also included with AWS are: staffed 24/7 trained security guards protecting their data centers, geographic restricted regions, ability to configure firewall rules, custom service access policies, and of course, SAS 70 Type II, PCI DSS Level 1, HIPAA, FISMA Moderate, and ISO 27001 security certifications.

4. Cost Flexibility and Effectiveness

There are no long-term commitments or upfront expenses with AWS due to their “pay as you go” pricing plan. Amazon passes on the benefits of cost savings to customers in the form of lower prices as it manages and builds global infrastructure at scale. You consume only as much storage or computing power as needed by the project or product you’re developing for. You can terminate your relationship with AWS whenever you want to, scale down or up as required, and have a complete self-service experience online. Reduce costs and drive revenues by taking on new opportunities as the cloud enables you to respond rapidly to changes, small or large.

5. Best API and Online Documentation

AWS’ online documentation and API is very well written and has a robust library of live examples. Anyone jumping into one of their services for the first time can immediately start learning how it works with their quick-start guides and online tutorials. The community support for AWS is so active that many YouTube channels and users have created tutorials on how to use and code for many of their services. Each service they offer comes backed by an API that you can connect to either through a web service or manually through their command line interface.

Here at Worldmedia Interactive, we exclusively use Amazon Web Services as our cloud computing platform for the many benefits described here and much more. The experience we’ve had working with their platform over the years has resulted in having an enterprise development workflow in which tasks are automated, data remains secured, and our company’s IT and applications infrastructure continues to flourish.