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A full-service performance-driven marketing agency

Data is the foundation. Creativity is the spark.

At WMX, we believe that data is the foundation of success. It gives us insights into our customers, markets, and competition. We use our experience and creativity to turn data into actionable insights to help our clients achieve their goals.

We collect data from various sources, including our clients, our operations, and public data sets. We then apply a healthy dose of AI driven analysis and an experienced & keen eye to identify trends, make predictions, and provide the insights needed to drive optimal performance. We share our findings with our clients clearly and concisely, so they can use them to make informed decisions.

We are committed to helping businesses of all sizes succeed, and data and creativity are essential ingredients for success.

Brand strategy

Does your brand have fans, or are they just customers? WMX can help you turn those customers into brand fans. We create successful brand roadmaps by finding the hidden truths that give your brand a competitive edge. We find this valuable data by investing in second-and-third-party research, cross-channel data collection, your own first party data, and a suite of in-house planning and analytic tools. This enables us to identify tactics and audiences crucial to creating an informed strategy for brand building. Strong strategy and analysis facilitate the creation of powerful creative. This integrated approach is essential to the success of any marketing campaign.

Our specialties:

  • Research
  • Planning
  • Identity
  • Positioning


WMX is known for creating media strategies that connect at every step of the customer journey. To achieve this, our in-house team of programmatic media buyers, search engine marketing experts, and social media gurus flex their deep experience and knowledge to ensure a seamless and effortless connection at every touchpoint. Our 23-plus years in digital and traditional media make deciphering crucial data and visualizing the next viral trend second nature, even in a rapidly changing digital world. Layering on emerging AI driven marketing and analytics tools has only pushed the boundaries of what our knowledge and experience in the industry can accomplish for you.

Our specialties:

  • Traditional
  • Digital
  • Strategy
  • Planning
  • Buying
  • Optimizing


Powerful storytelling, stunning visuals, intuitive design, and razor-sharp copy – these are some of the tools our creatives use to bring brands to life across channels and platforms. The fusion of precise data and clear strategy with the capabilities of our dynamic in-house creative team elevates our advertising game to the next level. We leverage dynamic creative technology that uses AI to deliver targeted and effective messages to the right people at the right time to maximize conversions. Our goal is always to drive results that connect your fans to your brand while boosting your bottom line.

Our specialties:

  • Dynamic creative
  • Web & app development
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic design
  • Video & photography
  • Production

Marketing intelligence

When it comes to smart cookies, our marketing intelligence team is made of some of the smartest around. Their abilities are further enhanced by our proprietary analytics solution and our army of data robots (you can call it AI if you want, robot army sounds cooler) that allows our team to turn overwhelming chunks of data into bite-sized pieces of insight that dissect trends, create successful strategic plans, and deliver actionable insights a breeze. Leveraging AI is crucial to staying a step ahead, especially as trends can change overnight, but it’s only when combining this with human expertise to interpret this data that the true power can be harnessed. After all, if it were left up to AI, Henry Ford would have just added more horses to his carriage.

Our specialties:

  • Regression modeling
  • Media-mix modeling
  • Time series analysis
  • Cluster segmentation
  • Forecasting & reporting
  • Business analytics
  • Web analytics and CRO
  • Tagging strategy and implementation

Social media

Our social media team is always coming up with something special for our clients. By dipping into our deep well of experience in paid, owned, and earned social tactics we can transform ordinary customers into brand fans and advocates, reaching new prospects to keep feeding the sales funnel. We help amplify brands across channels through visual storytelling, improved customer engagement, decreased response time with help from AI, and connecting brands with creators that fit authentically, all in sync with the broader digital marketing strategy. It’s all about creating value and building authentic connections that unite people and brands.

Our specialties:

  • Analytics
  • Paid & organic social media strategy
  • Community management
  • Data-driven content planning

eCRM & email marketing

A successful email marketing campaign needs more than just a list of emails to avoid landing in the spam box. You’ll also need a carefully crafted strategy, industry leading UX, innovative design, plenty of marketing analysis, and just the right amount of marketing automation. We’ve delivered consistently high client engagement for over 23 years thanks to our winning blend of top-tier email UX/UI, dynamic content technology, engaging copy/imagery, and superior design overall. Our eCRM technology process utilizes tools that enable AI to power our email validation, segmentation, and personalization. We know what it takes to win the inbox game. Let’s play!

Our specialties:

  • Email lifecycle strategy
  • Template development
  • Automation journey building
  • Inbox placement
  • Testing and optimization
  • Database management


Search engines are the digital gatekeepers of the online world. They guide users through the vastness of the internet and help them discover the information, brands, and people that they wish to connect with. A solid SEO strategy gives your brand a master key to the digital world. WMX understands the ever-changing algorithms used by search engines and leverages this insight to optimize your website and online content to be found and ranked by search engines, thereby increasing visibility, and driving more traffic to your website. SEO translates to increased brand awareness, and more potential customers.

WMX can unlock the power of SEO for your brand so you can stand out to the people most interested in what you have to say and sell.

Our specialties:

  • Strategy 
  • On-page 
  • Off-page 
  • Measurement