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New branding wake up call

The 30,000 foot view

The challenge

WoodSpring Suites found itself lost in the sea of extended-stay hotel brands, with little recognition and a small market share. To reignite interest and boost online bookings, we needed to make every marketing dollar count. Despite a stagnant budget, we were determined to make waves in the industry and get noticed.

The solve

Our media strategy was a game-changer. We adopted a full-funnel approach, engaging potential WoodSpring guests at every step of their journey. How did we do it? By diving deep into data! We analyzed past guest data, conducted third-party research, and explored travel trends to unlock new opportunities.

Just as we expected, we struck gold! Millennials seeking a comfortable, yet affordable extended stay experience emerged as our untapped audience. Armed with this knowledge, we created a captivating arsenal of rich media banners and video assets showcasing our incredible hotel offerings and amenities. 

But we didn’t stop there. We didn’t let anyone slip through the cracks. If users veered off the path our retargeting banners would swoop in, serving irresistible hotel promotions and capturing the attention of users who had previously abandoned their booking journey. 

The results

The result? A compelling and relevant message that resonated with our younger audience, igniting their curiosity to explore WoodSpring Suites. Our optimized media tactics helped us his the mark and exceed benchmarks across the board.  

YoY increase for

media-driven bookings

YOY increase in

online revenue

days increase in

length of stay

(5+ average campaigns)