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Brand launch

Smart digital strategies for reviving brand awareness for a prominent hotel chain.

WoodSpring Suites is a collection of 250+ economy extended-stay hotels with a presence in over 35 states in the US. The properties feature all-suite rooms with fully equipped kitchens, workspaces, and guest laundry facilities to meet the needs of travelers looking for a long-term stay.

The challenge

In the crowded field of extended-stay hotel brands, WoodSpring was struggling with low brand awareness and limited market share. The hotel group needed to rekindle interest with its core customers and grow its online booking volume. Marketing dollars were flat YoY so we had to stretch media dollars further than ever before.

The approach

Our media strategy was based upon a full-funnel approach reaching likely WoodSpring guests at all stages of the consumer journey. We analyzed past hotel guest data, third-party consumer research, and travel trends to discover new audiences and opportunities. We found that Millennials looking for a comfortable extended stay hotel experience at a good price were an untapped audience.

To deliver a compelling and relevant message to younger audiences, we developed a portfolio of rich media banners and video assets that featured hotel offerings and amenities.

We paired the branding messaging with retargeting banners that featured hotel promotions to capture the attention of users who dropped off from the booking funnel before purchase.


By executing and optimizing media tactics, benchmark goals were exceeded across the board.

YoY increase for

media-driven bookings

YOY increase in

online revenue

days increase in

length of stay

(5+ average campaigns)