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Welcome back to Toronto

The 30,000 foot view

The challenge

U.S. tourism to Toronto was in steady decline, mainly due to limited awareness and travel obstacles; it just wasn’t convenient for Americans to travel there. WMX was engaged by four strategic partners to find a solution.

The solve

Not willing to let the city’s once vibrant scene languish, WMX joined forces with Air Canada, Toronto Pearson Airport, Ontario Tourism, and Tourism Toronto and embarked on an exciting mission to showcase the city’s wonders and make the journey a breeze.

To accomplish this we collaborated with our partners to create an engaging digital experience that focused on unique experiences, combining awareness and tactical approaches.

A key tactic was implementing a dynamic feed that provided real-time Air Canada flight deals, automatically populating the site and digital banners with personalized pricing based on the viewer’s location. This drove traffic and inspired travelers to explore Toronto and its attractions.

The results

Through an extensive campaign encompassing SEM, SEO, and digital banners, we successfully united our four partners and  

offered them valuable insights into consumer engagement and travel preferences in Toronto. The results speak for themselves, WMX achieved a remarkable 19% increase in ROI year over year and impressive savings of 15% in marketing costs year over year for the brand. 

improvement in


marketing cost savings