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Reenergizing the consultancy

The 30,000 foot view

The challenge

Samaha & Associates needed a fresh approach to their website and marketing materials. It was crucial for them to clearly communicate their strengths, services, and unique position in the consultancy space. WMX revamped their identity, messaging, and communication strategy across various platforms. 

The solve

Through an immersive redesign of their website, we created a visually captivating and user-friendly platform that showcased their expertise and services in the most compelling way possible. With a focus on optimizing search engine visibility, our SEO program ensured that Samaha & Associates’ newly enhanced website was easily discoverable by prospective clients. 

 To further boost their online presence and gain a competitive edge, we devised a targeted SEM campaign. By strategically selecting industry-specific search terms, we maximized their visibility among key competitors, driving qualified leads and expanding their reach. 

Recognizing the importance of a cohesive brand identity, we also undertook a comprehensive redesign of their marketing materials. From pitch decks and company profiles to business cards and digital assets, we crafted a consistent and impactful visual identity that resonated with their target audience. 

The results

The results were remarkable. Samaha & Associates experienced a significant increase in visibility, generating a higher volume of leads and conversion rates. Through our collaborative efforts, they successfully strengthened their position as a leading consultancy firm in their market, excelling in both traditional and digital spaces.