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How we created a viral digital campaign using first-party data and video creative

Located on the northern shore of Oahu, Hawaii, Polynesian Cultural Center brings to life the spirit of the Pacific Islands through an immersive 42 acres theme-park featuring eight authentic tropical villages, luau feast experience, and evening fire-dance shows. Voted Best Hawaii Live Show, Best Hawaii Attraction and Most Authentic Luau amongst other accolades.

The challenge

In the popular tourist destination of Oahu, there are many entertainment options for visitors especially those surrounding native Hawaiian experiences. The Polynesian Cultural Center had previously focused its marketing on promotions and package discounts but in such a cluttered environment, it needed to differentiate itself while staying true to its brand.

The approach

The basis for our digital advertising strategy was inspired by a spin on how online retargeting banners follow users around the Internet. We developed 3 videos featuring ‘Kap’, a star character from the Polynesian Cultural Center, with the #KAPWILLFINDYOU to increase our social presence and create an ecosystem that kept the consumer engaged. We leveraged first-party data to target consumers at different stages across the purchase journey.


The #KAPWILLFINDYOU video retargeting campaign was successful in increasing awareness and sales for the Polynesian Cultural Center. Brand buzz spiked and helped build engagement across social platforms. The video spot made its mark too and won a couple awards including a 2018 Addy Awards Best in Cross-Platform and a W3 Awards Silver Video Campaign for Marketing.


Best in Cross Platform – Online/Interactive Campaign, Polynesian Cultural Center: KapWillFindYou Retargeting – Video Campaign, 2018


Campaigns-Video Campaign for Marketing, Polynesian Cultural Center: KapWillFindYou Retargeting – Video Campaign, 2018


average order value vs. display


CTR vs. display


ROI for 0:06 sec. vs. 0:30 sec.