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Launching Bliss

The 30,000 view

The challenge

Amidst fierce competition, NCL sought to ensure that its latest gem, The Bliss, received the grand unveiling it truly deserved. Their vision? To craft a web experience that showcased every unique facet of the vessel. The only hitch? It hadn’t been constructed yet.

The solve

Utilizing photo-realistic renderings of the ship and its amenities, we meticulously crafted a fully immersive and responsive microsite that empowered users to take the helm. Our team created an immersive VR experience that seamlessly wove together renderings, videos, and narratives to provide an “almost real” glimpse into The wonders of the Bliss, even before its physical existence.

Using photo-realistic renderings of the ship and its amenities, we created a fully immersive and responsive microsite that put the user as the captain. It seamlessly wove together photos, videos, and stories of The Escape, even before it existed.

The results

Not only did the NCL Bliss Microsite sell out the initial launch dates months ahead of schedule, but it also garnered numerous accolades for its outstanding design and innovative technology. These accolades included prestigious awards such as the Magellan Awards and ADDY Awards.