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The 30,000 view

The challenge

The primary challenge for WMX in supporting GSH’s capital campaign was navigating the typical constraints of nonprofit budgets while striving to create impactful campaigns with significant returns on investment. Additionally, there was a crucial need to raise awareness about the importance of STEM education, particularly in Hawai’i, where there’s a growing demand for STEM professionals. The gender gap in STEM fields, coupled with Hawai’i’s low ranking in STEM-related degrees awarded, underscored the urgency of the campaign.

The solve

WMX tackled the challenge by collaborating closely with GSH’s leadership team to ensure that all marketing materials resonated with the target audience and accurately reflected GSH’s mission. Employing a 360-degree advertising approach, WMX provided timely and personalized support, becoming an integral extension of GSH’s marketing team. For the STEM Center for Excellence project, WMX created compelling videos, print ads, and digital content to drive fundraising efforts, engagement, and awareness. Every message was crafted to engage potential donors in donating and aligning with GSH’s vision to inspire girls’ interest in STEM fields.

The results

The STEM Center for Excellence at Camp Paumalu was fully funded, successfully constructed, and opened its doors to thousands of girls eager to explore STEM disciplines. This accomplishment was made possible in large part due to the generosity of private and public donors, as well as a strategic partnership with the U.S. Department of Defense through their Innovation Readiness Training Program, who played a pivotal role in constructing the STEM center.

GSH anticipates that the new center will serve approximately 3,200 Girl Scouts and community members annually, with an expected increase in participation from 1,600 to 2,400 new individuals. This achievement represents a significant milestone in GSH’s mission to provide high-quality STEM engagement opportunities for girls and collaborate with schools and educators to foster a more inclusive STEM workforce.

By leveraging their expertise and resources, WMX and GSH have demonstrated the transformative power of partnerships in advancing STEM education and empowering girls to become leaders in their communities and beyond. WMX is proud to have played a part in helping such a worthy project become a reality.