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Sharing the road

The challenge

Enterprise had a strong international brand presence, but their online sales overseas were falling flat. This was in large part due to a digital ecosystem that left a lot to be desired in terms of look, feel, and functionality–they needed a creative and U/X overhaul to get their booking engine firing on all cylinders.

Responsively responsive

A great experience needs to translate to any device, no matter what the size or shape. We made sure that the site was not only responsive but performed exceptionally regardless of whether users were on their desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.

Creating 3D cars

The rental service needed to complete its full car catalog online. We took things one step further. Rather than just relying on stock vehicle photographs, we 3D rendered every vehicle in the Alamo fleet to create a standardized, visually stunning experience across the board.

Driving action

Great design was only the start. We needed to drive people through the site using intuitive UX and compelling storytelling. Every destination had its own unique personality and encouraged customers to not only book their dream trip but also share it through social with our unique postcards.

A smarter way to display

A new innovative site deserves a new innovative way to get customers there. So we created a series of dynamic banners that would serve consumers based on search behavior and previous interactions. We would then retarget appropriately to ensure higher conversions while avoiding serving ads to customers who had already booked.

Sleek, global, to the point

Enterprise’s new look wasn’t just enforced digitally. We took their international approach to all the right travel and lifestyle magazines, where their brand voice could truly connect.


Replacing the main website as the go-to for online bookings, the new easy-to-use microsite and supporting digital campaigns helped improve the user experience overall while increasing bookings and revenue decisively in twelve key international markets.