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A necessary brand tune-up

The 30,000 foot view

The challenge

Enterprise’s international brand was strong, but their online sales abroad were struggling. Their digital ecosystem lacked the desired aesthetics, user experience, and functionality, calling for a creative and U/X transformation. WMX’s goal was to revamp their booking engine to ignite its full potential. 

The solve


A great user experience across all devices is essential. It was the driving for success in this project. Whether it was viewed on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone, we ensured that Enterprise’s website was not only responsive but also performed exceptionally.


To enhance the rental service, we went beyond stock vehicle photographs. We 3D rendered every car in the Alamo fleet, creating a visually stunning and standardized experience.


Our goal was to not only provide great design but also drive action through intuitive UX and compelling storytelling. Each destination had its own unique personality, inspiring customers to book their dream trips and share their experiences through our engaging postcards on social media.


And when it came to displaying our innovative site, we took a smarter approach. Dynamic banners tailored to consumers’ search behavior and past interactions helped us achieve higher conversions while avoiding redundant ads for those who had already booked. We also extended Enterprise’s sleek and global look to travel and lifestyle magazines, where their brand voice truly connected with the audience.

The results

By replacing Enterprise’s main website with a new and user-friendly microsite, and complementing it with targeted digital campaigns, we achieved remarkable results. The improved user experience led to a significant increase in bookings and revenue across twelve key international markets. This strategic move firmly established Enterprise as a leader in the industry, while providing customers with a seamless and enjoyable booking process. Our focus on user-centric design and effective digital marketing efforts drove tangible success for Enterprise, elevating their online presence and expanding their business potential.