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Luxury meets digital 

The 30,000 foot view

The challenge

WMX was challenged with driving in-market luxury travelers to book a Crystal cruise with the introduction of a brand-new online booking engine. With low brand awareness, reaching new customers would require a full-funnel approach. Since most luxury cruise purchases are made over the phone or through a travel advisor, we had the added task of designing a digital campaign and messaging that would support eCommerce.

The solve

We crafted a year-long strategy, carefully divided into phases, to extend our reach by leveraging prominent travel websites that aligned with our target audience. Users who showed interest but didn’t convert were not forgotten. Instead, we retargeted them with tailored messages across various digital platforms during the later stages of our campaign. Our media mix covered all the bases, including paid Search, Social, Display, Video, and Email channels. Initially, our main objective was to attract a large volume of new and qualified users to the Crystal website. Once we had their attention, we amped up our efforts during special promotions, delivering captivating messages that enticed users to seize the opportunity and book their unforgettable Crystal cruise. 

The results

Our efforts led to a significant 60% increase in reach during the first half, allowing us to engage a larger audience and generate more interest in Crystal Cruises. Additionally, we achieved a notable 43% decrease in booking rates during this period, demonstrating our ability to drive conversions and encourage travelers to take the leap. The icing on the cake was the remarkable 81% increase in ROI in the first half compared to the second half, showcasing the undeniable success of our strategies  


campaign reach in H1

decrease in

cost-per-booking H1 vs. H2

increase in

ROI H1 vs. H2