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A luxury take on integrated media

Doubling ROI for a luxury cruise line on its inaugural eCommerce website

Crystal Cruises is an all-inclusive luxury cruise line that delivers excellence on all voyages sailing around the world. Elite travelers select Ocean, River, Yacht & Expedition experiences that can be enjoyed year-round, including global epic World Cruises and Expedition adventures.

The challenge

We were challenged with driving in-market luxury travelers to book a Crystal cruise with the introduction of a brand-new online booking engine. With low brand awareness, reaching new customers would require a full-funnel approach. Since most luxury cruise purchases are made over the phone or through a travel advisor, we had the added task of designing a digital campaign and messaging that would support eCommerce.

The approach

We laid out a full year’s strategy in phases to extended unique reach through media presence on high-affinity travel sites. The users that engaged but did not convert were later remarketed with more tactical messages across digital platforms in later phases of the campaign. The media mix included paid Search, Social, Display, Video and Email.

During initial stages of the campaign, we concentrated on extending reach and driving a high volume of new, qualified users to the Crystal website. From there, we capitalized on those engaged audiences, heavying up on media during promotional periods, and delivered tactical messaging that enticed users to book.


By comparing performance across the annual campaign, we impacted key metrics across the board:


campaign reach in H1

decrease in

cost-per-booking H1 vs. H2

increase in

ROI H1 vs. H2