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Debuting an elite new addition to the Crystal fleet

Surpassing sales goals for Crystal Endeavor’s maiden voyages with a wholly immersive digital experience and integrated brand campaign

The challenge

Crystal Cruises needed a campaign that could showcase the cutting-edge design and spectacular amenities of the world’s largest and most spacious luxury yacht, Crystal Endeavor. As a Polar Class-6 expedition yacht with all-suite accommodations for just 200 guests, butler-serviced rooms, Michelin-inspired dining with zodiacs, a helicopter and submersible, the vessel pushes the limits of uber-luxury adventure travel.

However, the ship was still under construction, so we had to develop a marketing campaign and microsite based on inspiring visuals, concept art and renderings. Leveraging Endeavor’s tagline “Where Luxury Roams Freely,” the microsite would highlight the ship’s amenities and intrepid spirit.

Where luxury
roams freely

To capture the magnitude of the many offerings, we created an interactive microsite that would serve as a digital brochure and sales platform. There, prospective voyagers could set sail on an interactive journey through the exotic itineraries and cultural discoveries awaiting them aboard the Endeavor. With less than two months from concept to launch, we had to quickly tell the story and drive interest.

The interactive microsite included: Responsive platform with refined breakpoints | Animation of still renderings | Interactive sliders to see ship amenities in action | Roll over cards for quick access to ship features | Form capture for direct leads to Crystal sales team

Creating awareness

With an assist from the Crystal Cruises public relations team, we developed an outreach campaign to share the Endeavor story with potential explorers, Crystal guests and travel agents. An integrated media plan supported all the efforts to drive traffic to the microsite via SEM, content integrations, rich media units and emails.


The microsite was perceived as such a success that it was later folded into the Crystal website and rolled out across other markets. Engagement from filling out the lead form allowed us to compile learnings to optimize our campaigns and improve the microsite. Going above and beyond expectations, bookings for the maiden voyages were double original sales projections and leads generated were in the thousands–an inaugural launch worthy of Endeavor and a tidal push for the Crystal Experience at large.

higher initial sales projections for maiden voyages

leads generated across the campaign

most efficient cost per lead across the campaign