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Changing perceptions

The 30,000 foot view

The challenge

Facing the challenge of reshaping BPCL’s perception from a party cruise to a remarkable cost-effective travel experience, our digital marketing experts embarked on a strategic course of action. We leveraged the power of broadcast TV on local channels to reach our target audience effectively. However, in the process we encountered the unique hurdle of attributing the impact of TV ads to online bookings, a puzzle we were determined to solve. 

The solve


We revitalized the cruise line’s image through captivating photos and videos captured onboard our ships. These visually stunning assets, tailored for TV and digital platforms, were accompanied by the compelling tagline “A Better Way to Getaway.” The result? A brand perception that enticed new online customers.

We also enhanced the booking process with a seamless online engine, optimizing the path-to-purchase. To amplify BPCL’s local presence, we strategically aired the TV commercial on key local networks in West Palm Beach, Miami, and Orlando.

Our objective was clear: attribute an uplift in online performance to the new BPCL TV spots. By analyzing TV station logs, we identified notable surges in website traffic, surpassing baseline levels in key markets. The numbers spoke for themselves, confirming the success of our strategic approach. 

The results

The results of our efforts paid off. Website traffic surged as our TV spots aired, and online bookings experienced significant growth during the weeks of our TV campaign. Key dayparts such as Prime, Early News, Access, and Late News played a crucial role in driving traffic to the website. 

Our collaboration with BPCL transformed their brand perception and propelled their online performance to new heights. Together, we crafted an extraordinary journey, redefining the cruise experience for our audience. WMX takes pride in solving the most pressing issues our clients face. There’s no puzzle we can’t solve.


bookings in Q1 YoY

increase in

website traffic from key markets

increase in

website traffic when TV spots doubled

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