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Television attribution

How we were able to attribute a Television media campaign to online performance.

Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line (BPCL) is a 2-night cruise that offers fares from as low as $109pp. They are the only cruise line to depart daily from the port of West Palm Beach to Grand Bahama Island. Onboard amenities include gourmet restaurants, a casino, live entertainment, and a spa.

The challenge

After conducting market research, BPCL was perceived as more of a party cruise rather than a unique travel experience at an efficient cost. The client desired to change that impression. To do so, a creative and media revamp was required.

Additionally, considering the cruise line only sails out of West Palm Beach, FL, we knew we would have to reach users locally, but at scale. Investing in Broadcast TV on local channels would extend campaign reach but limited our ability to track that media back to online bookings made on the website.

A Better Way to Getaway

We rebuilt the cruise line’s image by developing a new brand portfolio of photos and videos from commercial shoots onboard the ships. Video assets were custom-made for paid TV and Digital media efforts. Combined with a refreshed tagline ‘A Better Way to Getaway,’ these new marketing assets would help create a brand perception that would attract new online customers. A new booking engine optimized the path-to-purchase and made the online booking process seamless.

To extend BPCL’s local footprint with this new brand messaging, we aired the new TV commercial on local broadcast networks in the surrounding key markets (West Palm Beach, Miami, and Orlando).

The objective was to attribute a lift in online performance with the airing of the BPCL TV spot. We were able to measure success by utilizing the logs from the TV stations to determine peaks in website traffic that stood out from the baseline in key markets.


The refreshed brand and TV campaign drove overall results. Increases in website visitors were directly correlated with the time the TV spots aired. Total online bookings followed a similar trend to that of website traffic, with the largest spikes in online bookings during the weeks with the heaviest TV investment. The top-performing dayparts that drove the highest volume of website traffic were Prime, Early News, Access, and Late News.


bookings in Q1 YoY

increase in

website traffic from key markets

increase in

website traffic when TV spots doubled

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