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The full-service
digital tune-up

The challenge

Alamo is a trusted car rental brand across the globe, but their aesthetic was starting to feel stale and in need of a reinvention. They also needed a smart digital solution to entice travelers coming to the United States to book their brand in key markets.

Let the journey begin

Our goal was to position Alamo as a one-stop source of information for foreign travelers planning their stateside getaway. So we created a destination-focused multilingual microsite that provided info and tips to help travelers plan their trips while also highlighting offers and incentives for renting Alamo vehicles in select markets.

Our playful graphics tied the pages together to create a cohesive, colorful user experience that drove users to plan their journey and make Alamo their rental car company of choice.

Simplicity at its best

Our advertising showcased the hotspots and attractions from each rental destination with vibrant photography custom-geared for every driver.

An adventure around every corner

We created a variety of lively dynamic banners for Latin American consumers looking to book their travel arrangements in the U.S., giving consumers a taste of the many adventures down the road. Each ad linked to the Alamo booking funnel, along with our comprehensive Alamo destination guide.

A how-to-guide for Alamo customers

Alamo realized that the Latin American consumer audience perceived the car rental process in the U.S. as one that was overly complicated. To show customers just how easy it is to rent throughout the U.S., we created a cheerful video that balanced fun-filled scenes with a step-by-step guide to renting and returning their vehicles.

The Alamo Asia destination guide

With the fast success of the LATAM campaign, Alamo asked us to duplicate our efforts to target Chinese travelers looking to book transportation in the U.S. Toward this goal, we created a Mandarin language driver’s guide chock-full of must-visit destinations throughout the country along with enticing offers and discounts.

Behind the wheel, ahead of the journey

A picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes a video might be worth even more. To entice Chinese consumers to book their road trip to the U.S., we created a cheerful video that balanced fun-filled driving scenes with the beauty of a variety of destinations across the nation. Our video gives consumers the courage to follow through with their wanderlust, emphasizing that there’s no adventure that compares to when you’re in control behind the wheel.


By increasing brand awareness and improving performance across Alamo’s booking funnel, we were able to produce huge gains for the brand across the country and around the world.

increase in revenue and reservations YoY