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Building loyalty and delivering on rewards

The challenge

AeroMexico needed a robust email strategy to grow their flagship Club Premier, an enticing loyalty and coalition program offering perks, reward points, exclusive partner discounts, and more.

Onboarding new members

Prospecting new members required a multi-tiered approach. A key benefit of the Club Premier program was the depth of their coalition partnerships. To communicate this benefit, we created an email lifecycle that maximized member engagement.

Nurturing email behaviors and actions

Marketing a successful loyalty program isn’t just about offering members cool perks and rewards. It’s about understanding the traveler’s behavioral cues and routines to provide real value that drives repeat purchases and participation. By leveraging historical member acquisition and redemption behaviors we were able to tailor the right communication at the right time.

Keeping users engaged, up to date, and coming back for more

To keep loyal customers feeling delighted and surprised, we kept members up to date with offers, seasonal promotion, new brand partnerships, and account balance information–always offering a quick snapshot of their account and the latest promotions.


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