Children’s Cancer Caring Center

helping a 52-year-old charity rediscover their brand


The Children’s Cancer Caring Center (CCCC) has been helping kids and families affected by childhood cancer for more than half a century by providing free total-care programs, including medical treatment, non-medical ancillary programs, and special events. It was time for a brand refresh that could better convey the power of their message to a larger community of donors, doctors, and families.


After speaking with the founders of the organization, as well as meeting some of the families they have helped, we were moved to take action ourselves. We’re proud to call the CCCC a pro bono client, as we support all their marketing needs. We started with the creation of a brand positioning and design that reflected just what drives this organization to care – the kids themselves.

And since they were moving into a new state-of-the-art facility at the Miami Cancer Institute, it was the perfect time to explore an update. We started with a manifesto, video, and logo design, which quickly turned into a website that not only tells the story, but also makes donating as easy as possible.


Through a strong visual identity and powerful messaging that inspires as well as motivates,  we chose warm and inviting colors that stand for more than just the brand.

As we begin to reposition the Children’s Cancer Caring Center, this logo focuses on the children and their path to healing, while also embodying the modern feel of the new center at Miami Cancer Institute. It is hopeful, powerful, yet also iconic.

The New Logo


We created a full online experience that truly represents the brand story and mission. Using the new brand position, look, and messaging, it speaks about how the center’s mission, but more importantly, who they help. It also simplified the donation process and made getting involved easier than ever.



The CCCC needed a social campaign the could express the urgency and scope of their impactful mission to the world. So we created a plan to share their story in four focal points: brand awareness, cancer facts and awareness days, fundraising, as well as honoring patients on their journey to health.

Our weekly posts struck a chord in followers creating heightened awareness, while inspiring them to join the fight without creating a sense of despair. Since we’ve taken over their social channels, we’ve seen over 1,400% engagement on Facebook, over 500% engagement on Twitter, as well as a host of new followers.